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AG & John Robinson present visuals off new EP

AG & John Robinson present visuals off new EP

Dusty vibes shuffle from out the speakers. Mellow jazz from a bygone era, excavated, rejuvenated and punctuated by rhyme.

We see a NYC street. Nothing out the ordinary. A man smartly dressed casually smokes. Actions without apparent consequences but that's not the case. Enter another man going about his daily business. He walks along the block minding his own unaware his actions are of consequence to the smartly dressed smoker.

This is the premise to the latest set of visuals from the RedApples45 family consisting of producer Ray West, DITC legend AG, heavyweight MC John Robinson and engineer/MC Dave Dar. The video is a subtle but honest social commentary on the world we live in. We've become enthralled with all things social media whilst seemingly losing a sense of personal perspective and physical interaction. There's nothing wrong with embracing the smartphone and it's ilk, far from it but like all technology we use a clear understanding of it's purpose should remain.

The video and song make it abundantly clear that with these devices, ATM's and security cameras on each and every street corner we're a society under the observation and scrutiny of the powers that be. Our every move and action is captured to be looked at, analyzed and judged. The video doesn't beat us over the head with this undeniable truth because it's plays out like a 1970's film. It conjures up the iconic style and feel of The French Connection with Ray West playing the Popeye Doyle role with style and class. The music wouldn't be out of place In The Taking of Pelham 123. It captures your imagination and gives you sense of atmosphere but without giving to much away.

Both AG's and John's verses paint pictures with precise brush strokes. With all great art time must be spent to truly understand its individual intricacies. The lyrics are personal yet speak to the listener in ways we can identify with on some level or another. Their overarching theme is to wake us up to the pitfalls of our modern love affair with smart technology.

Throughout the course of the ep all involved return to the above topic along side their personal life experiences, issues of social justice, history and the music industry. These are built upon while not being overbearing and preachy. It's edutainment like KRS-One told us in 1990. This body of work, available now is neatly packed as 8 tracks on black 12 inch vinyl or digital download.

Please visit to check out the video now!


By Chris Cammack for

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