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Bahamadia: The HipHopGods Interview - Part Two

Bahamadia: The HipHopGods Interview - Part Two

After Rick Ross made some offensive comments about female MCs during an interview with The Breakfast Club, countless women chimed in on the topic, including Hip Hop vet Bahamadia. It also prompted the author of this article to pen the editorial, “Rick Ross’ Offensive Comments On Female MCs Are Every Woman’s Nightmare,” which highlighted the omnipresent misogyny that seemingly goes hand-in-hand with Hip Hop.

In Part II of the HHG interview, we pick back up with a discussion about Ross’ claim he wouldn’t sign a female artist to his Maybach Music Group imprint because he’d have to “fuck a couple times.” 

Although Ross and his team issued an apology, many are speculating it was simply because he is in heavy promo mode for his new VH1 show, Signed. 

Whatever the case, check out the rest of the conversation below.


HHG (Kyle Eustice): This comes back to Rick Ross. Maybe there are certain things you shouldn’t say in public. 

Bahamadia: Right, and this is like the second time [Rocko’s 2013 track “U.O.E.N.O.” featured Ross essentially bragging about date rape]. You have to wonder, oh my god — is this a publicity stunt? Are you using this angle to gain attention? 

Without noise, would he have apologized? 

Probably not. 

If my editorial even had one-tenth of a hand in getting to him apologize, that’s amazing. At least it got the dialogue started now. 


When I saw his apology, I had goosebumps. I was so elated.

That’s the difference between someone who just decides they want to blog or write and someone who is created to do that and they have a certain element to doing what they do eloquently and creatively, you definitely fall in the latter category. It’s like ok, what’s the saying? It’s going to resurface in panels or something. Watch. 

My goal is to do that all the time. Look how powerful we [women] could be together. 

You just knew where you should be aligned. They found you on social media. We wouldn’t have found you other way.

I’ve looked up to you since I was a teenager. I heard you on Lyricist Lounge for the first time. 

That was the Rawkus era. Man, that was a good time. Just saying too, somebody that you knew walks the walk and talks the talk. Some people would jump on the bandwagon because it’s what to do at the time. They’re still about what they started to be when they got in the industry. 

That’s what I love about you. “3 The Hard Way,” what was that? ’96? 

That was a long time ago. That’s what I mean. You never know what being yourself is. Being yourself is you don’t know what that’s going to inspire out of someone else or how they’re going to respond. That’s why it’s important to be our thinking selves. 

I can’t even find it in myself to post things I’m not ok with. Chuck D always says to put your opinion in everything you do somehow. 

Wow that’s dope. That’s one of the reasons you’re here. Do you know how many people are just existing and don’t have the courage? 

I think a lot of people hide behind alcohol and drugs. I haven’t drank in 11 years. 

You went through a phase — it was called living. 

I gave up everything. It works for me. 

It’s just a vice, but you can find other ways to vent. You have your writing and I have my music. There are healthier ways. 

I was kind of lost after college and just got tired of it all. 

It will run its course. Like how much more of this? It’s just a conversation you have to have with yourself. What was that for? What was that part of my life for? It couldn’t have been wasted. It has to be a harvest from it. You really understand and you really did come from that place. That’s cool. That’s what I love about Hip Hop. Oh my god. 

You love the authenticity. 

Yeah, exactly. 

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