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Aim & Mikey D.O.N. join forces as MAIDM for new release

Aim & Mikey D.O.N. join forces as MAIDM for new release

Musical pioneers Aim (Cold Water Music) & Mikey D.O.N. (Krispy 3) have joined forces as ‘MAIDM’ and ATIC Records is proud to present their debut release, a two-track single pressed on limited edition grape juice vinyl.


MAIDM hit the ground running with opening track ’Tun Up Di Heat (Party Banger)’, a beatific blend of head-down hip hop and funky, floor-filling accessibility. Already a live favourite, Tun Up… embodies MAIDM and its precision manifesto. Next comes the incendiary ‘B-Boy Shit’ which takes zero prisoners via Aim’s gritty, minimalistic production and Mikey’s hyper-aggressive vocals. Lyrically, there’s a sense of catharsis as long-forgotten legends are name-checked and old scores are settled.


I first met Mikey back in 2009 when he came up to my studio in Barrow to record vocals for Crowhead’s album” explains producer Aim. “We hit it off. We were on the same page as far as hip-hop goes, I loved his Krispy 3 stuff so naturally we talked about making some tracks together. As we got into it the whole thing took on a life of it’s own and it became obvious to us that the collaboration needed it’s own name and identity.” 


With such a strong initial statement we’re super excited to see where this project leads. Right now MAIDM are in the studio working on their debut album which will be preceded by a second 10” single release early 2018.



Side A

1. Tun Up Di Heat (Party Banger)

Side B

1. B-Boy Shit

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