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  • "CantStopWontStop" watch it worldwide tonight on iTunes.
  • Listen to @DJShadow’s new EP ‘The Mountain Has Fallen’ featuring our track “Systematic’ out on @massappealrecs now:
  • A little Hennessy neat...
  • Fresh package from the homies! #moetmoment #moetxnike
  • #Repost @salaamremi Stevie... #SometingOuttaTheBlue
  • Cologne, Germany summer Jam!
  • Whoo Haa Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. [email protected]
  • TLA Rock just got up and grabbed the mic before the screening!!!!Made You Look: 40 years of Hip…

Legendary Queensbridge emcee, often listed, mentioned, and ranked as one of the greatest and most influential rappers of all time.

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