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  • This is my last tweet
  • @DeeJaySeanG @StrongArm408 @KickinItWise lol nah
  • Isht has to get really #uncomfortable (like how we are making it all over the planet) before we get angry enough to do anything.
  • [email protected]: @TajaiMassey Yeah ...but there are still a few unTetthered Real Minds... they Arent onlineā€ Not sure about this
  • @KickinItWise #MasterLoafers
  • @EnigmaNetxx WE ARE the bullishtter behind the curtain.
  • This platform has made it so we can vent/pay lip service but DO nothing. All while telling on ourselves to the govt. It's ingenious.
  • @DeeJaySeanG @StrongArm408 @KickinItWise oh, we're gonna go back and forth on twitter. Please remove me from this thread

Member of the mighty Souls Of Mischief, also a successful solo artist.

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