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Trigger Tha Gambler

Trigger Tha Gambler


  • @oasis76 @diddy thanks
  • @b_boy0586 @SMOOTHEHUSTLER smg
  • @F_TayLIFE smg
  • @JAYSWIFTZ i sent you the math on you inbox
  • @schizogont smg
  • RT @F_TayLIFE: My crew can't go for that, no-oooooo Uh huh, no can do Now my crew can't go for that Can't go for that, can't go for that No…
  • @F_TayLIFE thanks fam
  • @diddy smoothe da hustler trigger tha gambler we can bring ny back

Emcee from Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, younger brother of Smoothe Da Hustler, also a member of SMG with Ice-T.

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