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Son Of Bazerk

Son Of Bazerk


  • We wake up in the morning, the first thing we say is "What Could Be Better"
  • @TheReal_MikeyD what's the deal fam?
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  • RT @TheReal_MikeyD: Salute to @therealrahdigga Down to 🌎and Real. 1 of my Top 5 Female Emcees!!
  • @SchoollyD what's the deal fam? PEace
  • @nickrosenberg We right here G. PEace
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Leader of the legendary Son of Bazerk crew, also featuring Almighty Jahwell, Daddy Rawe and Half Pint, the group was formed by Hank Shocklee of The Bomb Squad and they remain active, putting out new music produced by DJ Johnny "Juice" Rosado.

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