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Sonny Seeza

Sonny Seeza


  • Hope y'all like my new apparel coming out!!
  • @420GANGREENYC @iamStickyFingaz @Fredro_Starr Wow! Aint hear this in a looooong time!
  • RT @jonathanburns81: @mrsonnyseeza #bacdafucup #StoneColdClassic Thank YOU Sir.
  • #Salute!
  • Thank each and everyone for the Acknowlegement and support of the 24th year Anniversary of Our "Bacdafucup"Album!! #EachAndAllOfYallRock!
  • Thank eaxh and everyone for the 24th Anniversary of the "Bacdafucup"Album!! #EachAndAllOfYallRock!
  • On the move wit my movies, watching er'thang oldskool between takes..also I'd be remiss to say enjoy the rest of your evening
  • RT @empiremus: INTERNATIONAL CYPHER 💥IN THE ZONE💥 #ITZ FEAT. @CHILZ4000 @LaNefera #LevorimeD @mrsonnyseeza @jakebeatz @dj_tray https:/…

Hardcore rapper from Brooklyn, New York, an original member of Onyx, also a successful solo artist

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