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Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli


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  • RT @ronaldrios: @TalibKweli cita um trecho do @DaveChappelle na "every ghetto" - "gun store, liquor store" e a batida dela toca no especial…
  • Run towards the challenge.
  • RT @isaacg6: @TalibKweli talks about creating music that is personal, vulnerable, and welcoming to people of all cultures. #SXSW https://t.…
  • #the7 album drops 4/14 RT @MetalliEquus33: @therealstylesp @TalibKweli we need more collabs !!! this shit is dope !!

Brooklyn emcee, got his start in the mid-90's with underground group, Doom, formed Blackstar with Mos Def in the late-90's, worked with DJ Hi-Tek as Reflection Eternal for two albums, also a successful solo emcee

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