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Masta Ace

Masta Ace


  • RT @LescheaShow: @Lescheashow is LIVE! RIP Craig Mack, Cardi Be Pregnant?, Nas/Keli$, OJ's stupidity!
  • @lescheashow is now LIVE from the Orange Basement! Cardi B Pregnant, Na$ vs Keli$, OJ is stupid, RIP Craig...
  • I posted a new video to Facebook
  • RT @EastonMajor: Got some dope concerts lined up for London this early summer.. @Raekwon @GhostfaceKillah @mastaace @TheRealKoolGRap @S_C_…
  • It’s open for sure.
  • @LescheaShow tomorrow every Sunday...!
  • RT @sistadbarnes: #BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName #LatashaHarlins 27 yrs ago today, 3/16/91 15 yrs old murdered in a Los Angeles convenience…

Legendary influential emcee from Brooklyn, New York, original member of the Juice Crew.

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