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  • Over 360 Thousand Views...
  • Next song and Video drops on the 10th.. But we are doing a Special FLTG podcast that will play snippets and explain…
  • People wanna know how I got OG Max Cavalera on the new BC album? We go back..... He and I do a song called 'All Lov…
  • Not a bad Idea….
  • 👇🏼The THRILL of Competition!👇🏼
  • 👇🏼👇🏼Oh Shit! We're in a contest! I just Voted.. We're doing pretty good but the FLTG can Crush this though....💥👇🏼👇🏼…
  • I don't expect EVERYONE to see or understand the Big picture.... When it comes to the poor.... #NOLIVESMATTER
  • You sounded smart… Till you Blamed it on Obama…. Dumbfuck.

Gangster rap pioneer, OG status

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