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  • Only 2 more days left. gonna be a long while before anything like this'll happen again. Just sayin'
  • Grab 'em by the pussy, THE #pussygrabsback. @bridgeteverett and the Tender Moments @mattraymusic…
  • I took this picture 8 years ago at Union train station in Washington, DC. I don't know this…
  • . @_sswtr Equality and solidarity against fear and ignorance. Hold The Line.
  • RT @MHorovitz: Totally psyched to explain to my kids in the morning why America just elected a sexual predator endorsed by the KKK.
  • Just wanted to warn you about tomorrow... the voting machines are Jewish.
  • #malarkey
  • F#ck racist cops with guns F#ck homophobes with guns F#ck hateful dudes with guns Let's be done with F#ckin' guns man, F#ck the guns.

Legendary emcee from the Beastie Boys, guitar player for the group, Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer.

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