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  • RT @razzontheradio: @THEKINGDMC @Barbs_HD one of my favorite places..and you're learning to ride from the best!! Many props D!!
  • @jcweb34 @OfficialRunDMC Same here! Thank u
  • RT @jcweb34: Was awesome meeting @THEKINGDMC today! @OfficialRunDMC #RunDmc #KingOfRock
  • RT @kickitoldschool: @DrPostALot @DerrickLWilson @THEKINGDMC @MCShaRock Gotta play this joint right now! 🎤 #OldSchool #HipHop #FlashbackFri…
  • RT @DrPostALot: #fbf Check out @THEKINGDMC co founder of @felix4change #HipHopCulture #TheySleepWeGrind
  • @DAREALKARMUH No prob at all!
  • RT @TheRikshaw: @THEKINGDMC Thanks for the words of wisdom last night and I wish your son much success! #FelixOrganization…
  • @dennisjauch @Jidenna @DaveedDiggs @michaelb4jordan Dope ass mutha@#$%% put on an amazing production!

The King Of Rock, one of the founding members of the pioneering hip hop group, Run-DMC

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